San Fran – Day 3

Today was another day of “MBA” classes with a focus on financial stuff.  Again, it was really interesting and if nothing else certainly opened my eyes to a lot of the financial goings-on in the world around me. I did have one flash-back to my University Econ class when we started talking about “Net Present Value” but it passed quickly and fortunately we weren’t being tested on it! The fire-alarm system however was being testing and it made for a very long day.

For my tourist-ing adventure tonight I figured I’d head out to the Pacific Ocean proper and see if I could get a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. Unlike yesterday though it was surprisingly cold (~60F, 15C) but it was a “wet” cold, with all of the fog. I hopped on the 38 bus and travelled up Geary toward the ocean. In a Jon Classicâ„¢ move I got off the bus a little early when I saw some park area north of the bus and figured I could walk from there (c: I couldn’t… it was a lot further, so I stretched my legs a little and then got back on the bus (c:

Land’s End was as expected, rocky with ocean slamming into it. It was pretty sweet 😉

Land’s End

Tourists on a rock

Soaring on the wind


Container ships in the mist

More Flying

I walked around for a while and tried to get a glimpse of the GGB but it was not to be. Leaving the Land’s End park I trucked down Geary figuring on getting something to eat when I glimpsed a sign for the Legion of Honor! One of my friends in Denver recommended it as a place to go, and even though I new it would be closed I figured I should at least stop in.

The Legion’s Front Door

Just inside the gate and kicking back on the porch was a famous favourite:

Rodin’s The Thinker

Just around the corner from The Thinker was something to think on, a Holocaust Memorial. It was simultaneously haunting and very out of place, but well done none-the-less.

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

The rest of the night was strictly speaking uneventful but interesting none-the-less. I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant, since the whole area was very Chinese and then hopped back on the bus to the hotel. Ah yes, public transit: if you want to meet some characters, take the bus!

The one that I hop on is an accordion bus, two busses spucked together by a plastic accordion.  While I’m ranting about accordion busses  I really wouldn’t recommend them to people who get motion sick, as it goes over each bump and corner it sways sickeningly! At the back of the bus there was a gigantic man, he literally took up two seats. I passed at least two homeless people and found a seat near the back. At the next stop a man got on, he was wearing a leather jacket, black toque, and track pants that were being worn down below his buttocks. With his right hand he was holding up the track pants, tugging with every step; and with his left he was carrying, dry cleaning. Yup, pressed white shirt, pressed dark pants, wrapped in plastic and ready for the day job I presume! There was also a couple of lesbians, a hippy, and a whole host of other people-watching gold on the bus ride.

Tomorrow is more classwork on… lets say, management? I honestly don’t remember but we’re done the finance part and on to the management, marketing and strategy sessions which I’m really looking forward too.


  1. Ryan
    August 12, 2009

    You know what they say: the coldest winter you’ll ever see is a summer in San Francisco.

  2. JN
    August 12, 2009

    haha nice! I’ve never heard that, but I like it.

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