Family Walk Time

One of our emerging family traditions is the Family Walk Time. It actually started when Jamie and I were still living in Denver as a way to stretch our legs after dinner and stay active on days when we weren’t out climbing mountains. Regardless of the weather we would head outside for an hour-long walk through our community. There was no destination, no time to beat, and no minimum distance to make it count; the goal was just to get outside, be active, and spend time together.

Now that we’re a family of five (with three kids under 4) we’ve adapted the tradition to include all members of our family. At first we would push the kids in the stroller, then the Chariot when they grew too large. Logan (3.75 yrs) and Riley (2.5 yrs) are now masters of kick-bike and prefer to ride their bikes rather than walk. We still explore our neighbourhood and take great advantage of the wonderful green-space that our community has to offer. We regularly walk/ride for thirty minutes or more with stops to play in the trees, the grass, or to yell into a large storm-water drain to hear the echos (the kids mostly do the yelling…). With two adults, two kids on kick-bikes and one kid in the stroller the goals of Family Walk Time are still the same: spend time outside, be active, and spend time together as a family.


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