Crossing the Blue

Crossing the Blue

By Holly Jean Buck



Crossing the Blue is a darkly prophetic story about a post-petroleum America and the perils, and hope, that exist in our potential future. It follows Blake, a naive Floridian boy from a rotting sunken “luxury” development who chances to meet Juliet a suave and mysterious traveler who is willing to take the chances that Blake isn’t. They travel by boat, car, and bicycle across a changed land encountering people of all stripes from friendly farmers to pirates and thieves and everything in between. Through it all Holly Jean shows a future-that-could-be intricately woven with bits of the past and points to warning signs that must not be missed.

From the opening page the theme of this book is crystal clear, climate change is an imminent and real threat and something must be done. At times though the rhetoric can become overwhelming and some of the secondary characters are little more than mouthpieces for certain viewpoints. In contrast to this, the two main characters are both irrepressibly likable with a depth that comes from Holly Jean’s unique insight and sense of humour.

On a personal note, it is interesting to me to see many of the places that Blake and Juliet visit as they work their way across America. I know many of them from my own travels and it is fantastic to see them through Holly Jean’s point of view in this vastly different world. Last spring I was sitting outside a small cafe in Malaga with Holly and another co-worker, it was tucked down a small side street out of the way of the tourists and we were discussing various economic and environmental issues. Today, what I recall most vividly isn’t the sweet clove-smelling chai or the noise from the Japanese restaurant across the street but rather Holly’s passion and sincere belief that real change is needed now to prevent an environmental disaster. From my vantage point across the table her intensity and passion shone through clearly and this passion is expertly transmitted to the pages of Crossing the Blue.

I would heartily recommend this book to anyone and it will definitely appeal to anyone with an interest in climate change or the massive role that petroleum plays in our modern society.

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